22 de julio de 2011

Once more, "freedom fighters" attack...

Really, I'm shocked by the reason for that I have to write these lines in 2011. It's a situation more closer to the Inquisition times...
I want to show my full support and breath to the Ukranian band Kroda. Recently, they should have played in the prestigious Northern Lights Festival in Austria, as one of the headliners. But the festival's organizers started to receive threats from "antifascist" groups. Certainly, Kroda is a band close to NS issues, but nobody can fully ensure that Kroda's lyrics are an apology of Nazism in any form. In addition, Austrian security authorities said that Kroda was not a dangerous or suspect band. However, Kroda decided to cancel their performance in Northern Lights Festival, claiming by the security and right development of the show and the attendance. A very worthy gesture towards the people that trust in them.
The main valour that I can find in the freedom is our will to think by ourselves. Then, why must we suffer this stupid attacks against our freedom to support and enjoy the concert of this band, or any other? I can't understand these kind of attitudes. I consider myself as a leftist person, but I haven't got a blind hatred towards all that isn't my thoughts and ideology. If explicit NS bands as Graveland or Absurd would come to play to my city I wouldn't go at their concerts, but I wouldn't force the organizers or the band to cancel the show too. I believe in everyone´s  freedom, even my enemies´ freedom.
Before all, this is music. This is culture. Kroda is an incredible band that defends the purity and the essences of Pagan / Black Metal. Is this a sin for these "freedom fighters" gangs? Really they are the true fascists, they are the true dictators of the culture. They want to impose their poor and limited wiewpoints over all people. I'm sorry, poor fools: this music never will be silenced by your chantages and threats.
And one more time, all the support and all the breath to Kroda crew from Pagan Dreams and me!

Breaking update: I also want to show all my respect and sorrow to the all Norwegian people and particulary at the two victims' family of the damned terrorist strike today in Oslo. Norway is a country very appreciated in this blog, and I want to be closed to them in their darkest hour. Hail Norway!

New breaking update: The North cries in pain. Twelve hours before the coward terrorist strike in Oslo at least 80 dead and hundrers of people injuried. Pagan Dreams is shocked with the dimensions of this fucking damned terrorist strike. I don't know yet if authors are far-right activists or yihadist terrorists... but authors only deserve all my contempt and all my hate. This is not racism or political hatred. It's a hard strike against the good Norwegian people. From this small blogzine in Spain... Norwegian brothers, you're not alone in this dark night of sorrow and tears!


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